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The PATCHATT Community Group aims to enable adults with a life-limiting illness to support one another to plan and lead a change which matters to them. 



A life-limiting illness can lead individuals to feel disconnected, both from their former self and from family and friends. It can be good to get together with others who have similar issues, who understand what it is like to live with a long-term illness.


A PATCHATT support group gives participants the opportunity to meet online for six, 45 minute sessions, to listen to one another and offer support.


Participants have told us that they want something more than this however. They want an opportunity to make a small, do-able change, for themselves and for others in a similar situation. 

Watch our two minute movie  - The PATCHATT approach to change -  to see how we support patient leadership. 

The PATCHATT approach to change

Our participants

PATCHATT support groups are open to any adult with a life-limiting illness.

Our facilitators

PATCHATT facilitators are volunteer members of the PATCHATT Community Group.  Some of us have our own experience of life-limiting illness. We do not offer advice. Instead we support group members to find their own way forward.

Our research

Researching patient-led change helps us to improve the PATCHATT initiative and contribute to what is known more widely about supporting patients as change agents.

Our funding

The PATCHATT initiative is funded by a royal society for arts, manufacturers and commerce (RSA) Catalyst Grant. 

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