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Co-development at the 2024 Marie Curie Research conference

The concept of co-development is fundamental to the PATCHATT approach to change, grounded in our belief not only in the agency of the individual but also in the human capacity to support change in others. We were therefore delighted that our poster illustrating how we used the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) co-production principles to develop simple practices to address commonly reported co-production challenges was featured in the 2024 Marie Curie Research conference.


We aimed to develop a way of working which addressed challenges in authentic co-production, supported power-sharing and allowed researchers and community members to work collaboratively to design, plan and deliver a palliative care intervention.


Critical communicative methodology was used to facilitate collaborative working.  Using the NIHR co-production principles, we developed new understandings of how to address tensions and complexity implicit in co-production. Feedback on this co-production experience was gained through online interviews and email dialogue.

Thematic analysis of data led to the development of a co-production practice framework, with strategies for enhancing co-production practice mapped against NIHR co-production principles. A commentary on each strategy details how it was used in the PATCHATT Development Group.

Effective co-production needs to be supported by simple practices which operationalise agreed principles. Attempts to flatten hierarchies can sometimes lead to the continuing dominance of experts by position or to patient views being met with overly deferential responses. Either can obstruct a project’s success. However, a strategic, planned approach to co-production can help to ensure initiatives are enriched by complementary ways of knowing.


A recent blog in the BMJ highlighted the multiple challenges of putting the theory of researcher and non-researcher co-production into practice. The framework developed through this research offers a set of strategies which can be adapted for use in diverse co-production projects.


This one-minute video summarises our key learning.

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